Would you rather catch what Zeke giving out or Usher?

EPisode 103.jpgEpisode 103: This week the fells welcome back JS-1 from VVC Radio, to discuss his station, shows and views on general stuff…we also discuss Zeke Elliott’s suspension, the Usher BBW Herpes situation, Our Battle of the week Dizaster VS Hollow Da Don and our top 5 Strokey Doke Slow jams…as a matter of face check out our JS-1’s “Wet Panties” playlist here: play.google.com/music/playlist/AM…vK4pL3ZWbcA%3D%3D

The Power of Kaepernick & Joe Budden + a bonus Game

Episode 102.pngEpisode 102: This week the fellas discuss a new battle rap movie, Joe Budden holding up a new Slaughterhouse album, Kaepernick VS the World, of course the release, the battle of the week and our ST5 (top lyricists) but this wee we’re introduced to a new game and some music from brother Matth…shout out to comedian Larry Starks for the shout out check out his YouTube channel.