A Very Neffy Christmas

This week the squad is joined by family, back home from her new home base of Dallas, NeffyRaps stops by to kick it on the week or weeks that were…we cover our Christmas plans, Royce VS Tory Lanes, Gucci VS Eminem, Jaquees and the King of R&B convo, and of course The Release, Shooting the 5 (Christmas Gifts), One Muss Go, Schmokennendrinken, Sports in the Buff and The Legit Check (The Belly Soundtrack).

The OGs With A Villain Twist


This week it’s back to an old school format for new beginnings with Dizz and illfam holdin’ it down wit a special run in from Feevaleo discussing 50 Cent VS his son, the Jordan Peele Candyman remake, Desus & Mero’s new show, LL Cool J, how old is too old school for hip hop, and of course The Release, Shooting the 5 (Top 5 LL songs or features), One Must Go, Schmokennendrinken, and Sports in the Buff.