The Amazing Accidental Episode aka The Where’s Buffy Sex Tape

This week Dizz Matth and illfam are joined by Feevaleo and Neffy to talk about new music the both have out, and the Where’s Buffy Sex Tape episode breaks out…find out what we thought of what we thought of Blac Chyna’s sex tape, would call our leaked sex tapes, whats in our porn searches and whats in Neffy’s DMs but of course we still have The Release, The Battle of the Week (Clone VS B-Magic), Schmokenendrinken, and The Legit Check (Freeway’s “Philadelphia Freeway”

Get to Wakanda or Die Tryin’

This week the fellas are joined by Hip Hop Cleopatra to recap their Valentine’s Day, talk about Black Panther’s opening weekend, NBA All Star Weekend, fights in battle rap and of course the Battle of the week (T-Top VS JC), The Release, the Legit Check (50 Cent’s Get Rich or Die Tryin’), and Dizz’s Schmokennendrinken…Wakanda forever…we out

A Super Bowl of Muddy Water

This week the squad welcomes Milly Vanderwood to talk about his Mini Hip-Hop Museum, recap the Super Bowl and all the fallout from it, NBA free agency going crazy, Fasion Love VS Dave Chappelle, the Death of the CD, Quincy Jones spilling ALL the tea and of course The Legit Check (Redman’s Muddy Waters), The Release, The battle of the week (Shotgun Suge VS Ill WIll), Dizz’s Schmokennendrinken.

Spencer Blushes…and WTF is Nut Meat?

This week the squad has a full house including Ms Krissy Love (@krissylove_00) to discuss Grammy fallout and why we care, a possible Martin revival, the Lebron to Golden State rumor, our Superbowl picks, and of course The Release, The Legit Check (Little Borther’s “The Minstrel Show”) our Battle of the week (Serius Jones VS Charron), and Schmokennendrinken