Kung Flu Theatre

SO…here we are…the rona is upon us…we’re dealing with it and for y’all…we gonna keep puttin’ out this content…this is the house arrest version of the Where’s Buffy Podcast…enjoy


The Thang About the Rona

This week…we break quarantine to bring y’all this content…we discuss the New Jay Electronia project…and the ‘rona’s effect on this mudball we call erf…hilarity ensues…enjoy.


Producing Executives

This week Dizz Matth amd illfam discuss what it is that executive producers do and who had done it well…let us know what you think and tell a friend to tell a friend.


This C**t Got A Steak Knife

This week the Diz, Matth and Brother fam discuss television and its significance in black culture. We discuss our personal experiences and the importance it has had to the culture. But you know we gotta give yall the segments: The Release, ST5 (Top 5 Black TV Characters) and Sports in the buff, hilarity ensues…enjoy…

The Amazing Accidental Episode aka The Where’s Buffy Sex Tape

This week Dizz Matth and illfam are joined by Feevaleo and Neffy to talk about new music the both have out, and the Where’s Buffy Sex Tape episode breaks out…find out what we thought of what we thought of Blac Chyna’s sex tape, would call our leaked sex tapes, whats in our porn searches and whats in Neffy’s DMs but of course we still have The Release, The Battle of the Week (Clone VS B-Magic), Schmokenendrinken, and The Legit Check (Freeway’s “Philadelphia Freeway”