Sick Matth and an Ill Platoon

This week we started a man down as Brother Matthmatics was under the weather, however emcees Ill Conscious and Snook Da Crook from the mighty Dirt Platoon hold us down and we get into our weekly ish…you already know it turned out dope.

Brawlin at the Buffy

This week we’re joined by brother Brawl to discuss the upcoming Conway Illa Ghee show in Baltimore @ Charm Night club on 1/26/19, we also discuss the black Oscar nominees, some Spike Lee flicks, ageism in Hip Hop, and of course the segments: The Release, One Muss Go, Sports in the Buff and Schmokennendrinken.

A Soulja Story


This week Matth, Diz and Brother Fam are jointed by Bmore’s own DDM to discuss Uzi Vert quitting rap, Soulja boy’s week, freestyle rap, mixtape rappers, and of course The Release, Shooting the 5, One Muss Go, Schmokennendrinken, Sports in the Buff, and The Legit Check: Wiz Khalifa’s Kush & Orange Juice.