Church Lady Titties

This week Broc Matth LK and Brother Fam sip some brunch juice & chop it up. Topics include Lizzo, shame culture, Eminem VS Nick Cannon and how to wear cologne. You know the segments are there: The Release, ST5, Who Won the Record, and Herbs Day…hit that share and iPhone users hit that 5 star rating.

The Ayoo Takeover Episode

This week Brother Broc and Brother Fam are joint by some of the ladies from the Ayooo Podcast to talk about their show, their creative process and how they started, we also talk adulting, 2018 in Hip-Hop, maintaining a baldie, and the segements: Who Won the Record, Herbs Day, and Sports in the Buff. Tell a friend to tell a friend hit that subscribe and iPhone users please leave a reply.

Dogg House Dizz

This week Brother Dizz, Brother Fam and Brother Matth all get together to discuss The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of the week that was, Thanksgiving, The Week in Hip Hop history, in our decade recap we look at 2016-2017 and of course the segments: Who Won the Record (A$AP Rocky’s 1 Train), Shooting the 5(Trends that are over), Schmokennendrinken, and Sports in the Buff…enjoy. Rate. Subscribe. Review. Share.