The Lyricist Lounge Episode

This week the squad is joined by emcees Ill Conscious and Seneca the Misfit to discuss their upcoming projects, what a lyricist is and who the top 5 of all time are. We also get into ESPN’s most dominant athletes, OJ, Big Baby Davis, and of course, the Release, Schmokenendrinken, the battle of the week (Bigg K VS John John Da Don), and the Legit Check (Outkast’s ATLiens).

March Madness Wheres Buffy Style

This week the squad is joined by the lovely Alexandraa Mylonas to discuss the DJ Envy VS Desus and Mero drama, some NCAA tourney stuff, the passing of Craig mack and we do March Madness Buffy style with our Best R&B albums of the 90’s bracket, and of course Schmokenendrinken, our Shooting the 5 (Top 5 songs from deceased rappers)The Release, our Battle of the Week (Nu Jerzy Trork VS JC) and The Legit Check (The Fugees’ The Score)

Where’s Buffy is the Illest

This week the Men and women pay tribute to the Notorious B.I.G. as we record on March 9, 2018…we talk about his mark on the culture, our favorite verses, his GOAT status, and his sophomore effort is feature Life After Death is the Legit check, we also get into the Dani Star, Quicksilva and the other nigga situation, recap this week’s episode of Atlanta, the best 3 album runs in history, Shkreli behind bars, and of course The Release, The Battle of the Week (DNA VS Rum Nitty), and Brother Dizz’s Schmokenendrinken.

Take it Down but Keep me Dark: The Barbershop Episode

This week the squad is whole and on location live from Kevin’s Barbershop so this episode we kick the Willie Bobo with the barbers with help from sister Shelly from Polish’d Nail salon to go over shop etiquette, tipping, good service and shop do’s and don’ts…and of course Schmokenendrinken, The Release, our Battle of the week (Danny Myers VS Glueazy) and the Legit Check (DMX “It’s Dark and Hell is Hot).