Tupac And The Infrared Duppy

This week the OG duo is joined by brother Ahk from 97 Ent. and formerly of Strictly Hip Hop to discuss the new Pusha T album specifically the song “Infrared” and Drake’s reply “Duppy Freestyle”, some NBA playoffs, the new NFL anthem policy, Kendrick VS Random White Girl, hip hop’s greatest groups, and of course Schmokenendrinken, The Battle of the Week (Mike P VS Shotgun Suge) the release, and of course the Legit Check (Makaveli – The Don Killuminati)

Words Beats And A Femcee With Features

This week the crew is joined by guest host Neffy Raps and Mazi Mutafa from Words Beats and Life to discuss what they’re working on, some NFL and NBA notes, the BET Award nominations, our favorite rap feature and of course Schmokenendrinken, The Release, The Battle of the Week (Math Hoffa VS Shotti P) and The Legit Check (Ja Rules’s Venni Vetti Vecci)