Buff And Broccoli

This week Brother Broccoli Balboa stopped thru to kick the Willie Bobo as usual…the spirits spoke loud and early…hilarity ensued…rate subscribe review and hit that share button

Ollie Oop On The Buff

This week the OGs are joined once again by Ollie Voso…bearing gifts this time no less…Ollie came thru with the beard balm and let us know about all the good beard products he and the Mrs have on deck…we also get into our usual debauchery and hilarity ensues…enjoy…tell a friend to tell a friend…rate. subscribe.review and as always hit that share button…thank you.

Good Karma At The Buff

This week we were joined by Karma the Media Diva to discuss her up coming return to the airwaves…we also get into the BET Awards, Reasonable Doubt hits a milestone, 10th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death, and of course the segments: The Release, Shooting the 5 (Top 5 Album Covers), The Legit Check (The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill), Schmokennendrinken, and Sports in the Buff.

Down Road Wit The Buff

This week we’re joined from some folks from Maryland’s state capital, Annapolis aka Down Road, we welcome Dirt Road, Kojo and the Homie Pitts to discuss their new joint, tough guys in hip hop and of course the segments: The Release, One Muss Go, Schmokennendrinken, Sports in the Buff and The Legit Check (Ill All Skratch’s “Creep Wit’ Me)